Language Learning Resources

On the Web

There are a vast number of free, fee, and freemium language learning resources available online offering many different styles and approaches to language learning. We recommend you take a look at a number of different resources, read reviews, try the free versions when available, and see what works best for you. Infosoup does not endorse one site over another. Here are just a few starting places that might be of interest.

  • Duolingo - Well-known web site and app offering over 90 languges. Free with premium service options.
  • Live Lingua - Their tag line is "The world's first total immersion language school online." Sign up for a free lesson.
  • MEMRise - A popular gamified language learning app.
  • Rypeapp - Another company providing live online language instruction. 7 Day free trial available.
  • Open Culture - Provides links to free online language resources in 40+ languages.
  • LingQ (pronounced "link") - Another freemium language learning site with lessons for improving your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.
  • Fluent in 3 Month - Benny the Irish Polyglot shares his method for language learning.
  • Mimic Method - A "learn by Ear" approach focusing on learning, hearing, and pronunciation.
  • Busuu - Another one of the more well-known freemium services, includes both online lessons and practice with native speakers.
  • Michele Thomas - An online, all-audio method from a well-known language instructor. Fee.

Language App Reviews. The web is full of reviews of language learning web sites and apps. Spend some time reading or watching reviews to get a feel for the different sites and approaches. Below are just a few you might want to take a look at.